Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Was it wrong to miss you?

Why I felt that I am no longer belongs to myself? I cant even do da simplest thing.. to love myself more.. when I starved myself, sleepin late and even hurt myself? How come my heart no longer belongs to me? I'm sick of watchin it ache for you.. Why is it my tears are out of my control? It follows the heart.. streams down my cheek because of you.. Why does my mind is no longer mine? I hate it when it just allows your existence and not even a second for me..

Sometimes I really do not have da courage to miss you.. I will even force myself to get busy with stuffs and being with friends.. But it never stopped missin you even for a second..
I think my heart is already urs
And the old me has gone..
I am so sick of myself!!!!!!!!!

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